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It is important to work on all four areas writing and speaking - productive, and reading and listening - receptive. But based on students needs and circumstances (e. g. the size of a group, the daytime, students' personality, etc.) it is important to choose the right method or combination of methods. For effective learning, the teacher should provide students with more than just instructions. Students might also need a counsellor, psychologist, or facilitator. All of these can help develop a trust and enhance the effectiveness of learning.Although it was a short unit, I learned more about the benefits and disadvantages of authentic and created materials, as well as course books and how to use them. This unit, as stated, is a short one, but a must-read for anybody who is serious about improving their teaching and learning how to correctly implement their course book materials into their lessons. Also included is a resource, puzzlemaker.com, which includes a large collection of puzzles for students to complete! I'll be sure to make use of this fabulous resource in the future!