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This unit gave a lot of information on the different ways to teach. Though it was a lot of information it was explained well, and already had me thinking of lesson plans for future students. It had a variety of ways one could go about teaching which is appreciated, because if it only provided one way to teach then I would not have felt even the least bit prepared. Though there are a lot of methodologies the definitions were easy to understand and short and sweet so that we can remember them. That is appreciated as well.As stated in my overview of the present tenses unit, tenses are a part of language that can be quite difficult for both native speakers and learners alike. By having a thorough review of such content you provide us with a great resource to keep ourselves fresh on the subject as well as provide excellent descriptions to be adapted to our own lessons. While the average learner may not be too keen on learning names of tenses, they obviously value getting the language right, and this type of material will help them do that.