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Through the learning ,I was further enhanced the knowledge on these two grammatical terms. Especailly, The conditionals are more conplex and difficult for EFL learners.as they combines the concept of conjunctive mood which have various verb forms need to be switched in different tenses and situations.Therefore,teachers have to devise more activities during lessons,so as to let students obtain more opportunities to use them in practice.as a result,they can eventually generate an instinctive reaction to what should be used as a correct way.There are mainly two types of tests: those conducted in schools and institutions and those that are external. The former is mainly concerned with students learning a langauge and it traces their development in it. the latter type of tests is concerned with any learner who wants to lean a language. Different external tests can be chosen to see one's level. The new information in the unit is the ESOL test as it is mainly designed to those people who move to Britain. Testing is an assessment way to trace one's progress in learning a language