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This unit had provided a very crucial information on the role of the teacher and student. Although Business English isn't far of from General English, the main focus is that it is taught to mostly adults. The teacher has to know the advantages and disadvantages of teaching adult learner wheater it is on one-to-one basis or group. As mentioned, the skills are not different from General English. However, the level of contextualization is different from Business English and General English.For this unit we have gone over teaching a new language, for effectiveness in teaching the students need to be exposed to the language, understand and be able to pronounce and know how/where to use the vocabulary. As grammar is said to be the tree trunk of the language it plays a very important role in learning a new language as well. As a teacher of a new language we (the teachers) must be able to teach in a way that both motivates and ensures they learn in balanced and manageable way.