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Unit 7 is relative to Unit 3 in that it again references the use of the ESA approach in an ELL classroom. Teachers are advised as to how to use this approach regarding vocabulary and grammar instruction. When choosing appropriate vocabulary for students, a teacher should consider meaning, use, grammar, interaction, spelling, and pronunciation. The teacher should then use one of the three ESA approaches (straight arrow, boomerang, or patchwork) in the classroom to best benefit students.Unit 11 covered the topic of teaching receptive skills, i.e. listening and reading. There are two general motivations for both reading and listening: for a purpose (instructions, to achieve a goal, etc.) or for entertainment (something for enjoyment. Sometimes reading or listening is both entertaining and purposeful. The unit provided a sample receptive skills patchwork ESA lesson and tips for choosing appropriate materials to suit the learners, both in interest and in language level.