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It is unique to learn the rules for present tense. English is my first language. I do not always know why I choose certain forms. This unit helped me apply rules to what I know. I was a Spanish teacher in the past which helps me learn the rules easily because some of it transfers well. I can see how it will be confusing for my future classes to learn the present tenses. This unit has helped me prepare for those questions that may arise. This is something that I will need to continue to work with to be able to teach well in the classroom.Currently, out of all the chapters studied I feel that this section might be the most difficult to teach. When reading through the examples a lot of the answers came naturally to me because I am a native speaker. However, I can see that if English is a new language for you this is a topic that might be really confusing. When teaching this, I feel it will be important to share many examples and also have students try to form their owns sentences and observations. Also, giving example sentences and having students re write the tenses.