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During a normal english lesson,it is very important to capture the interest and enthusiasm of the students and to do so ,you need material capable of doing this..course books are helpful for the teacher that might run out of ideas or find himself or herself in some sort of difficulty.Personally,I prefer authentic materials because I know that for some reason or another,the students have familiarity with these objects and can express their ideas in a free manner.I beleive in using fantasy and multiple skills to make a lesson interesting.This section is a bit of a review from unit three with teaching methods. It is important though to keep refreshing myself with these subjects. The most important takeaway from this lecture though is categorizing the type of lessons to teach. Also, I found it useful to know which teaching ESA structure is best appropriate for certain lessons. I will always keep in note of the examples presented for the engage and activate stage of the teaching lesson plan. These will be very helpful in the long run once I start teaching my own classroom!