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This final unit of the TEFL learning textbook covered troubleshooting problems in the classroom. The best way to combat problems in the classroom is to start of the classes with a good first impression. This lesson helped me realize some strategies that can be used to improve participation among the students and establish a healthy classroom rapport. Some things I took away from this lesson the most were some good Warmers for a new class, dealing with large classes or those of varied level, and the importance of listening exercises.As the effectiveness of learning techniques differ between individuals, the variety of methods within each stage is likely to resonate more with students as opposed to older methods such as grammar translation. There are also multiple ways to monitor and subtly evaluate students at each stage of the model, therefore allowing opportunities to adjust and/or refine the key points of the lesson before progressing. As a result, this enhances the effectiveness of each class and keeps students on the correct path to achieving a desired goal.