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Receptive skill includes Reading and Listening that are important for learning a second language. Listening is probably more difficult than reading. Many second language students can read very well, but have a hard time to understand when he/she is listening to a news or a conversation. In my opinion, it takes longer for a new learner to comprehend a spoken language than it does in reading. Listening skill requires more practice and having a good amount of vocabulary. Also, the accent of speaker can be a challenge for new learner.This unit has you write 2 lesson plans which is good practical experience forcing you to think and visualize how you would go about teaching a lesson, what props, objects or videos you might use and the best worksheet exercises that would be appropriate to the language point. I did find myself reaching a bit as far as good activate activity ideas in the second lesson plan and then actually came up with a fun competitive game which was surprising. This also has me realize that you have to plan ahead and have plenty of materials on hand.