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Teaching vocabulary, language functions and introducing grammatical structures is indeed the job of a teacher in the classroom. Although we must not forget that prior to each lesson the necessity of planning it's contents is a task of equal if not of greater importance. Carefully selecting the appropriate vocabulary can only be done whilst considering many factors such as appropriacy to the students, frequency of usage, etc. This unit reminded me that good lessons are never made up on the spot, but have always a prior planning to them.Regardless of the level of the students in the class there are 4 requirements all students must do when learning new language; be exposed to it, understand the meaning, understand how the language is constructed, and be able to practice and produce it. The introduction of grammar and vocabulary must be presented in balanced and capable way. A good way to introduce new language is with the use of ESA methods. A good teacher will be make a decision on which of the ESA methods is the appropriate based on the class and the language levels.