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In this lesson, I learned that there are many methods and techniques to teaching English as a second language. I have found in this class we are focusing on the Engage, Study, and Activate method. This method does and always have to be given in that particular order, and can be structured in different ways. The base form is known as the Straight Arrow. The other two forms are the Boomerang lesson, and the Patchwork lesson. There were also various ideas given to be able to implement with all three stages of these lessonsThis unit focused on equipment and teaching aids for completing lessons in the classroom. The unit mostly focused on how aids can make lessons more interesting, effective and authentic then just studying from a book. There are a wide variety of different technologies and resources that classrooms will have so this unit went through some of the traditionally most popular ones and how then can be used effectively. Some of the most popular equipment includes, white boards, OHP, CD players, DVDs, dictionaries and computers.