TESOL Kaiyuan

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M.Y. - France said:
This unit covers conditionals and reported speech. It explains that there are two clauses, the if clause and the main clause and that the conditional in the if clause must be satisfied before the main clause can be realised. It explains the 5 main types of conditionals including their forms and usage. The five main conditionals are the zero conditional which refers to actions and facts that are irrefutable, the first, second and third conditionals and a mixed conditional which has the form /if + past perfect, would + base form/. It covers typical mistakes the students make such as understanding the difference between the first and second conditionals. It also gives ideas for teaching games. It gives examples of changes between direct and reported speech and shows how the verb tenses change, present simple changes to past simple and past perfect remains the same. It explains how the pronoun denotes who is being spoken to and that time expressions change. I learnt different ways to teach this subject by using media interviews or using role plays with three people.