TESOL Kalyan

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C.M. – U.S.A. said:
Unit 12 was about teaching productive skills. I learned that there are two productive skills; speaking and writing, which are both equally important. I learned there are a number of ways to include accuracy based activities and fluency based activities, by either role play, discussions, debates, etc to get students to speak in the class. However, although a lot of students are able to speak English, they have trouble when it comes to writing. Therefore, spelling, handwriting, layout and punctuation need to be taught to English learning students. One example of teaching writing skills that this unit covered was to create speech bubbles for cartoons and produce a story by themselves, in pairs, or groups. It will enable to use their creativity and interact with each other. I've learned that there are many ways to incorporate spelling, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary teaching with different activities which will be fun for the whole class and a place where they will want to learn. These activities allow students to work together and interact with one another to give them confidence.