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G.Y. – U.S. said:
Unit ten was helpful because it utilized the visual aids of videos, rather than just reading words on the paper. Seeing the two lessons being taught helped me to understand the differences between an ineffective and poor lesson plan versus a better, more effective lesson plan. Watching both videos highlighted how important the following items are in determining how successful a lesson can be: teacher attitude, establishing rapport with students, engaging students in the beginning of the lesson by sparking their interest, and teacher's voice in terms of clarity, volume, and speed. Also, it is critical to give students clear, concise instructions before giving them a task to do. In the first video I saw how confused and intimidated the students were by the teacher's callous attitude, his boring monotone lesson voice, and the negative way in which he corrected the students when they got an answer wrong. The teacher in video one got frustrated, turned his back on the students too much because he wrote so much on the board time (too much ineffective boardwork), he didn't encourage STT student-talk-time and he did not have an effective engage phase of his lesson.