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In this unit, we are presented with two videos: one showing very poor teaching, while the other is an improved and interesting style of teaching. In the first video, we can glimpse at what exactly not to do as a teacher. To be quite honest it was quite difficult to watch, as the mistakes the teacher makes, and the utter confusion the students show, is excruciating. By contrast, the second video shows a lesson where the teacher is not only encouraging the students to participate, but the students seem happy to do so. As we have learned in previous units, there are quite a few things we, as teachers, can and should do to keep the students interested. By watching the first video it is clear where the mistakes are made. Unfortunately, in my experience at least, there are quite a few teachers who do make these type of mistakes, and I can now clearly see where they could have had an improved performance if only they applied the things this course teaches us.