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This unit discusses the best modes to teach receptive skills to students. The receptive skills include reading and listening which are then divided into the reasons and motives for doing these which can be for a purpose or for entertainment and pleasure. The unit also discusses the different modes that people usually perform these receptive skills and the best way to teach these. I have personally benefited from learning the different specialist skills that people employ when reading and listening because understanding these is essential to being a good teacher of these receptive skills.The content of this unit lays the groundwork for the delivery of learning material in the classroom. I appreciated the beginning of the unit where the different methodologies are described. However, I found the most useful information to be the ESA lesson structure, as this has provided me with an easy method to follow in terms of lesson design. It is very useful to know that first we should engage the students before jumping into the study portion of the lesson. I also found all the information about how to carry out the study and activate portions of a lesson to be very informing.