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K.W. – U.S.A. said:
In unit 9 I studied what to bear in mind when planning a lesson. There are some basic principles on how a lesson plan should be written. Teachers should: -keep it simple and clear -not script the lesson -keep the same structure -write the anticipated time for each activity -check if there is a balance of skills -keep it flexible and open In order to make sure that the lesson goes smoothly, the teacher should: -check that she/he has the lesson and all the necessary materials and that the equipment works -lay out the materials so as to easily find them -arrange the seating -make sure the board is clean -ready to chat as students come to the class And finally, What should be included in a lesson plan? -learners objectives (what we expect the ss to learn by the end of the lesson) -personal aims (what the teacher wishes to achieve as regards an area of her/his teaching) -language point (the theme) -teaching aids (materials) -anticipated problems -procedures (activities used to achieve the goal) -phase (engage, study, activate) -timing -interaction -class level -number of students -date/time