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K.Y. - Japan said:
Unit 3 gives a brief discription of the most common methods and techniques for teaching foreign languages in use. we are than introduced to the ESA teaching method, developed by Jeremy Harmer. Mr Harmer took into consideration the advantages of various teaching techniques in order to develop a method which would motivate the student, expose him to the language and gives him the oportunity to use it. The three different parts, Engage, Study and Activate, are than discribed in more detail and ideas are given for activities useful for all three stages. The last part of this unit contains some information on correcting and lesson planing. For myself, it was important to be introduced to the different teaching methods and techniques, because it helped me to understand how we learn and consequently what the needs of a learner are. The ESA method appeals to me because it gives a structured approach to teaching and focuses on eliciting the student's own capacities. At the same time, it allows for a lot of flexibility enabling the teacher to be creative in order to keep students interested and involved.