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H.W. - South Korea said:
This unit explained the importance of teaching Pronunciation and Phonology. It covers Intonation, Stress, Place and Manner of Articulation connected to different organs and vocal chords and use of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in the whole sentence. The rise/fall, fall/rise etc can indicate whether the speaker has finished what he has to say, whether he expects a response from the listener and also indicate emotion or feeling. One of the techniques for teaching Intonation is asking students to string together nonsense words to convey boredom, a question, anger etc. Stress on the other hand is made on individual words, that bears the principle emphasis in the sentence. What words is stressed in a sentence, can determine what the speaker intends to specify. Stress can be taught by using hand gestures, and stress marks on the board. Overall, pronunciation may be the most neglected aspect of teaching English, yet is one aspect that students find the most challenging. Teaching Pronunciation therefore is very important and can be taught using fun techniques such as tongue twisters. It can be taught as and when required or by allotting a whole lesson or lesson slot to it,