TESOL McCammon Idaho

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In this unit, I learned all about the four present tenses and how they are used. These tenses are the present simple, present continuous, present perfect, and present perfect continuous. The unit delved in depth into each one of these tenses and included information about how to form each of these tenses either as an affirmative or negative sentence, or as a question. Also, I learned about common usages for each of these tenses, as well as irregular verbs and verb conjugations in these tenses. On top of brushing up on my own grammar for these tenses, I learned how to apply this information to a classroom of English students. I learned particular errors and common mistakes that arise in each of these tenses for students, and which areas that the students have the most difficulty with. I also learned a variety of teaching activities in order to activate the learning of these tenses in the classroom and make sure that students get as much practice as possible speaking and using the tenses that they just studied.