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T.M. – U.S.A. said:
This lesson primarily demonstrated the effect that a teacher can have on his or her classroom. In the first lesson, the teacher immediately created a tense, high-pressure atmosphere that prevented the students from feeling comfortable and engaging. He also frequently lost track of his instructions, expected the students to understand the content immediately, used technical grammar jargon and made students feel poorly for giving incorrect answers. On the other hand, in the second lesson, he immediately began the lesson with a carefree personality, provided a lot of examples and visual cues to prompt the students, and took his time with each part of a well-thought out lesson to ensure students were getting something from it. Each teacher can have his or her own style and personality, but I think the video demonstrates that it doesn't take much to appear friendly, and doing so can make a huge difference. I also liked his use of name tags; it's something I want to use more often in my future lessons. It might be hard to memorize names, but using students names is still worth the effort. I have had my share of successful lessons, and they have always been easier to get through when the students and I could have a good rapport.