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R.B. – U.S. said:
In unit eleven, there are four basic skills in any language;receptive skills,reading skills,listening skills, and productive skills.we should not forget of writing and speaking skills, all are important and we should always try to in corporate all four in every lesson that we teach so as to have a balance, approach but in most cases we will focus on the receptive skill. Also, we should not forget the reasons for receptive skills,for example;we have two reasons for a receptive skills ,for a purpose and for entertainment.also we should know how to read and listen under the receptive skills that will help us to understand a context of our reading and listening.the following will help us understand the context of reading and listening: predictive skills,specific information _scanning,skimming,detail information,and deduction from context. Adding more to that,we should also know the problems with listening and reading language and their ways of approaching the difficulties. In this topic,i have learned about various types of teaching skills,needed in teaching English language and the important of selecting a text before teaching.