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M.Z. - Australia said:
Unit 3: The unit started by introducing us to different methodologies for teaching, which then combined the better aspects of these methods and introduced us to ESA. ESA stands for Engage, Study and Activate. The ESA approach is appropriate for trainee and new teachers as it gives them a great deal of flexibility in the classroom. The Engage phase starts the lessons and is used to try and get the students aroused and in the right mind frame to be learning. The Study phase looks at activities where the students will focus on the language and how it is constructed. Finally the Activate phase where the students are encouraged to use freely all the language they know and have learnt. An ESA lesson can come in a few different forms. The first a straight arrow ESA leasson where it follows Engage, Study and Activate. A boomerang ESA lesson where it goes Engage, Activate, Study and Activate. Finally there is the patchwork ESA lesson which can have many different forms, however it must start with Engage and end with Activate. In between these two there can be as many sequences as you like. Finally the unit closed out with looking at feedback and when it is appropriate to issue feedback during the specific stages of an ESA lesson.