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M. A. – U.S.A. said:
This unit discusses the different ways that teachers might consider managing their classrooms. Taking into consideration the personality, age, nationality, etc. of the students, the teacher must consider how to group them, arrange them, interact with them, and lead them. The most interesting connection I felt to this unit was, as a teacher in Japanese, the vast contrast between the content of the lesson and the way Japanese classes are usually conducted. Student class sizes are very large, and they are frequently confused when given lessons that actually require them to interact with one another to solve a problem or speak impromptu. I think the most important tip I learned from this was to start at the very beginning concerning classroom rules and instructions. I always wondered if I should teach them basic instruction vocabulary, and now I know exactly the way I should go about doing it. Working the students gently through a mutual understanding and interaction between themselves and the teacher seems to be quite an art, and I hope to continue honing my methods for building a functioning, stress-free classroom environment.