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Y.P. - South Africa said:
This final part of the course content deals with problems/problematic groups, or situations that may arise in the class and how to trouble-shoot them effectively as well as what type of teacher behaviour/ what kind of activities need to be employed and what it is to be avoided. For example, we need to use our voice differently when teaching small groups as oppose to a large class. And doing whole class activity is not at all appropriate when teaching a large class. Timid or weak students need much more time to adapt themselves and require our attention more. If one is reluctant to speak, we can try to engage him/her in a pair/group activity and should never force him/her to stand in front of the whole class. In all cases we need empathy, logical deduction and be attentive to what is necessary to do. Although, all these advice is efficient, sometimes it is also good to ask or discuss the matters with our fellow colleagues, who may have struggled at the beginning too. A good way about finding out our progress as well as that of our students is to ask them for a feedback. This creates an open, friendly environment to discuss various problems that have arisen, or anything in particular that students might have struggled with.