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L.W. - Malta said:
Speaking and writing skills are both used for communication purposes. Normally students prefer to focus on their speaking skills however writing skills too shouldn?t be ignored as it is equally important. Writing requires a greater degree of accuracy while speaking requires a greater degree of fluency. It should be noted that with speaking, any mistakes or errors made may be cleared up on spot whereas it is not possible with writing. When two or more people are communicating with each other we can be sure that they are doing so for communicative purpose, want to say something, want to listen to something and they are interested in what is being said. As teachers we have an obligation to create the need and desire in the students to communicate. If students don?t see the point in doing something, they are far less likely to want to participate. Accuracy activities are usually part of the study phase whereas fluency activities are usually part of the activate phase. It should be noted that accuracy activities will check that the students can understand and use the language in a controlled way before being expected to try to use it creatively in a fluency activity