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D.G. - China said:
the future tense has to do with things that will happen in the future. so in most cases its about things that still need to happen.In some cases it relates to the present. There are various forms of the future tense. the first is the future simple. this has nothing to do with predictions, promises, spontaneous decisions. so all these are things that have to be done in the future. the second is the future continuous which deals with actions that will happen progressively at a given time in the future. the third is the future perfect. this deals with things that will have been done or completed at a given time in the future. the fourth is the future perfect continuous which deals with how long something will be continued in the future at a given time. we also have the going to be future tense tense and the present continuous tense which have to do with issues relating to the present and the future. the two are very similar but different in that with the going to be tense, the going to be is followed by a verb. the last one is the present simple. this also deals with issues relating the present and the future