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G.B. – U.K. said:
From this Unit I learnt 4 Present tenses, about their 3 forms (affirmative, negative, question) for each and also their usages, typical student errors, sample activate stage teaching ideas. Present simple is used for habitual or routine actions, permanent situations and facts, commentaries, directions and instructions, Newspaper headlines, present stories, historical sequence. Present continues is used for an action that is in progress at the time of speaking, emphasizing very frequent actions, background events in a present story, describing developing situations, referring to a regular action around a point of time. Present prefect is used for when we talked about finished actions that happened at an indefinite time, thinking about completed past actions carried out in un unfinished time at the time of speaking, something which began in the past and is still true now and don?t know if this is likely to continue or not, describing past actions with present results. Present perfect continues is relates past activities to the present, it implies that either the activity is likely to continue in the future or was in progress for some length of time, or both.