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A.S. - South Korea said:
Classroom management is really important subject for teachers. There is a balance between the skills of organising and the managing the class. Teachers should use an eye contact, gesture and the voice to show that he/she exists in the class. Also , there are some teaching styles such as whole- class grouping, pairwork and students working on their own including pros and cons as well. In addition to this, there are some classroom arrangements like orderly rows, circles and horseshoes, separate tables. The teacher's position is also important depending on activity, roles etc. Also, teacher talking time and student talking time depends on the type of lesson or activity. To effective lesson, we should use simple language, visual clues and check the instructions and we should be consistent using the same set words. Rapport between the teacher and students play an important role for teaching. Sometimes there can be some problems in the classroom, we can solve the problem focusing on the behaviour not the student. We have to be calm and never lose our temper. To solve the problem in the class, we are always punctual and well prepared, consistent and fair. Showing respect to the students is another way of preventing the problems.