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A.E. - Qatar said:
This section deals with the different ideas language teaching professionals have come up with for teaching English. The unit describes the main methods available (audio lingual-ism, grammar-translation etc) We read a description of what each method entails, before continuing on to study the ESA method. ESA stands for Engage, Study and Activate. First of all we read about elicitation, the different methods that can be used to elicit information from students, and how it advisable to elicit information from the students to use as the base of the lesson from which to proceed. We then go into some detail about how to engage students, ideas are also given for the study and activate sections of a lesson plan. We then examine some guidelines on giving feedback, and correcting effectively. The unit finishes with some advice and tips for the teacher in each section of the lesson plan. I feel like I have learnt more about the structure that a lesson plan should possess from this unit, and it has broadened my awareness of the different kinds of tools we can use in teaching.