TESOL Orumiyeh

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D. S. - Hong Kong said:
Unit 3's focus on methods and techniques helps to prepare teachers for in-class lessons. This lesson mostly brought forth new ideas for me to practice, rather than solidifying previously acquired knowledge such as with the grammar unit. From this lesson, I can now confidently separate lessons into sections and then further into activities that complement each section. For example, a lesson can simply consist of three sections; engage, study, and activate, then from there I can utilize games, discussions, and worksheets to further the students' understanding throughout the lesson. In my opinion, the most important idea from this unit is student participation and discovery. The different activities suggested throughout the lesson help to drive home how important student discovery is in a learning environment. Lessons that are too teacher-focused will not be as effective in helping the students gain confidence in their language abilities or allow them to practice freely. Unit 3 also touched on errors, mistakes, and correction including the differences and importance of each. Correcting should only come into play at certain points throughout the lesson in order to avoid discouraging students and allowing them to learn from their mistakes and correct their errors.