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K.R. - Germany said:
I would like to talk about some teaching ideas. 1.Present simple I would design a worksheet entitled \"Likes and dislikes\". This can be either an eclectic set of items or be categorized. e.g. food.The students would be instructed to circulate among themselves and engage in discussion asking questions such as , \"Do you like cheese?\". 2.Present continuous Classroom Olympics! Students will pick a sport at random from a box and mime that sport for classmates.Students will be encouraged to ask questions such as, \" Are you hitting a ball?\" The active student should respond, \"I am hitting a ball\"/or \"I am not hitting a ball\". 3.Present perfect Spot the difference? Each pair of students would be given a set of two annotated pictures. Picture A would have 20-30 objects displayed. Picture B would have 10-12 of the items removed. Taking turns they would ask their partner to study picture A for about 3- 5 minutes. They would then replace it by showing picture B. Sentences generated would be those such as: \"Have you moved the pencil\"? \" The pencil has not moved\