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T.F. – U.S.A. said:
This unit was a lesson in the best ways to start out with a new class, and how to manage the students after you've begun. It starts out with how to introduce yourself to different classes and activities that you can use to break the ice and introduce yourself. If you have a class that is full of brand new students, you can use games that help everyone get to know each other, including yourself. It goes on to give some examples of how you can you can help break up large classes into more manageable sections, like doing group work, pair work, or assigning class positions to students to perform certain jobs. It explains how to manage the different leveled students in your classes by trying to pair the weaker students with the stronger students when possible, how to make sure the faster students are occupied when the slower students haven't finished yet, and how to make them more comfortable in the class by allowing them to practice with their classmates before having to talk in front of the teacher and the class. In light of the information regarding different levels of students, I think I found that the most useful information in this unit.