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W.W. – U.S.A. said:
Testing and evaluation constitute a major part in the teaching learning process and which is what this unit has examined. Without this, the teacher maybe not be able to appropriately and accurately get a clue of what he is doing or should be doing, what his or her learners levels in the language; what they already know or how far they have gone in the learning process and what still needs to be done or re-enforced.This unit has also examined the major different types of tests and purpose for them. We all as ESL teachers know that different learners take English courses for specific reasons: some take them because they have ambitions to study in a English speaking country; some for traveling; some for work; some for business and some for daily conversations; just to name these few. The ESL teacher is therefore tasked with the job of designing materials appropriate and suitable to the needs of his or her learners, and which in turn, test them be it at the beginning (placement test) of the learning course, in the middle ( diagnostic test) or at the very end ( progress test) of the course. Collecting all these data definitely helps to prepare his or her learners for the final evaluation exercise by the end of the course