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C.H. - Canada said:
The main focus on Unit 18 is on modals, passive voice, relative clauses, and phrasal verbs. Regarding each modal, their use in present, future, and past tenses has been discussed so that it can be considered as a simple and clear resource to teach and comprehend the modals efficiently which involves teachers to apply appropriate ESA lessons teaching them. Additionally, the structure and use of passive voice sentences have been demonstrated in this unit which highly requires a proper lesson planning teaching them in ESL/EFL classes. Besides, the unit clarifies the meaning of a clause and introduces different types of clauses as well as their usage and differences. Finally, three kinds of phrasal verbs have been discussed at the end of this unit representing some important rules using them. Considering all mentioned content in this unit, good ESL/EFL teachers should equip themselves with effective engage, study, and activate stage activities in order to make the process of teaching and learning easier and also regard the fact that in order to prevent students? confusion, the mentioned language needs less teacher talking time so providing an appropriate ESA lesson is a MUST.