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S.C. - Hong Kong said:
This unit focuses on teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. In selecting vocabulary for a lesson it needs to be appropriate to the student and the task, frequency and coverage, how often they will use it and teachability. Students need to know, it meaning, use, word grammar, interaction with other words, spelling and pronunciation. Using the ESA for vocabulary keep in mind in the engage part of the lesson you want to use, pictures, discussion, or mimes, get the students engaged. In the study area you can use gap-fill exercises, matching, word searches, crossword, get them using the vocabulary words. In the activate part of the lesson you wan to do role-plays, story building, poster for advertising, get them involved and talking with the vocabulary. For teaching grammatical structure you are teaching use, meaning, forms and patterns. Engage- discuss, prompts, Q and A, using real objects for younger students. Study section should use gap-fills, sentence building, individual or group repetition and activate lessons you can use communication games, role-playing story building and debates. Language function can include inviting, refusing, agreeing, and suggestions.