TESOL Pingdu

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A.G. – U.S. said:
Through this unit I have been made aware of the high degree of nuance that goes along with correct usage of the different present tenses. Because use of these tenses is very context-specific, activities that structure student action in a particular tense seem to be the most recommended, and I can see how this would be a helpful way to begin to understand the differences between them. With tenses in particular, a basic knowledge of the grammatical structures of students' mother tongues is especially important because many languages do not have so many tenses and these concepts might be especially difficult to grasp. For example, my own second language, Chinese, has fewer tenses than English and the tenses that exist operate under completely different structures. I know that many Chinese-speakers who learn English struggle to differentiate and understand the purpose of tenses that simply do not exist in their native language. More so than in other lessons perhaps, an exploration of present tenses will need to be highly immersive and students will need to rely on the teacher as a model of correct usage.