TESOL Qidong

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W.C. – U.S.A. said:
The decision to use a course book in the classroom is very complex. It is not realistic that every school will always have the books and materials needed for the course leaving it up to the teacher to produce materials to supplement for what is not there. Often times created materials are much more interesting and relatable to the students than work straight out of the course book. Course books typically contain a fixed set of materials and cannot be catered to a specific group. It is important if you decide upon using a course book for your class that you do not use it for the whole lesson. The book should not be used as a solution to all things in your classroom. Keep ideas and activities creative and fresh to continually retain the attention of your students. When using a course book you can choose to omit certain information if it is not beneficial to your classroom, replace material with material deemed more appropriate or suitable, supplement information to extend a student?s language engagement, or adapt the same material from the course book in your own way.