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H.M. - China said:
This unit was about different teaching methods of the past and present, and the teaching method we will study throughout this course. The engage, study, activate method is the method we will focus on for this course. The engage phase is meant to get the students talking in English and feeling relaxed about speaking English. when students are relaxed the best learning takes place, so it is important to make this part fun and inclusive for all students. The study phase is when the main focus of the day's lesson takes place. This is when you will teach new information and language. There are many different activities for this stage and changing the activity will keep the students interested. The activate stage is always the last stage just like the engage stage is always first. The goal of the activate stage is to get the students to practice there new language they have just learned and work on the language they already know. It is important that students get practice in what they learned during the study phase so that the lesson sticks with them. The Esa approach does not have to be a straight line approach and can be many different orders for the majority of the class. But should always start with and engage activity, and end with a activate activity. That is important for a successful lesson