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J.G. - U.S.A. said:
This Unit was very difficult. I struggled finding the difference between Intransitive and Transitive verbs.I struggled with identifying Type 2 and Inseparable Transitive. I remember trying to teach this to my students once and my students were as confused as me. I liked the methods in how to teach these concepts. I am going to try it on myself first, to see if I can do understand this challenging grammar lesson on phrasal verbs. When I introduce phrasal verbs, I start with teaching my students the main action verbs used in everyday life such as put, meet, or take. Then I add a preposition once my students can conjugate these verbs in simple present, third person. I didn't realize that teaching students the difference between the phrasal verbs is helpful and that we can role play. I will apply these methods in my lesson with active and passive voice, phrasal verbs and modals. I was also confused with relative clauses. I couldn't identify the relative clause in the test. They seemed to be all relative clauses in the multiple choice question for the exam part of this unit. I know now where my weak points are and how to use this weakness as my strength. When I finally understand the lesson, I know I will be able to teach my students this lesson because I will understand their confusion with these grammar concepts.