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B.Z. - U.S.A. said:
This unit talked about coursebooks and lesson materials, and the different types of materials that can be used. There are two main types of materials; authentic and created. Authentic are real-world materials like news articles and songs, or menus, and are generally more interesting and can provide confidence for students, but are unfortunately not graded for appropriate language level. This means, as a teacher, I would have to determine if the authentic materials are the right level for my classes. Created materials are things like word searches, flash cards, and crosswords, and can be graded for a particular age and fluency level. These are useful, but unfortunately can be boring at times. Coursebooks are useful because they have information that makes it easier on both the teachers and the students. Students expect to have a coursebook, and it's usually presented in an attractive manner, and is graded in a way that the information is appropriate for age and fluency. The drawback to coursebooks is that they don't consider cultural differences, so the students you teach to may need more personalized lesson plans. Course textbooks also can encourage a teacher to not think creatively and be engaging, which can lead to boring lessons for students.