TESOL Shulan

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J. M. - Switzerland said:
This unit has given me some useful material when thinking about how to structure a lesson. I found the beginning section which focused on various teaching approaches and their positive and negative aspects to be useful because it allowed me to recognize the larger scheme of ESL techniques before honing in on the technique that this course will focus on. These techniques gave me ideas of ways I do not want to teach. I also appreciated the example of how to carry out the engage, study, and activate stages of an ESA approach. I felt inspired to brainstorm ways in which I can engage my students in captivating conversation/activities in all stages of the lesson so as to minimize my own speech and maximize their practicing, which will be a goal of mine in the classroom. The information on corrections was also very useful. I think that its important to keep in mind when it is appropriate to correct a student, versus when it is better to allow the student or his/her peers to correct the mistake themselves. However, I felt confused on how to hold conversations in the the \"engage\" phases with beginner classes while speaking in only English rather than the student's native language, assuming they will not know enough English to be engaged at all. I hope to gain a better understanding of this skill in later units.