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Yeah 20 questions. Again I watched the video first let's see if it helps. While I don't know what position I will get, this grammar instruction seems to be directed to a high level. The activities are not necessarily hard but I know that it would be hard to keep them on task using the correct structure and simple vocabulary to sow understanding of some of the tenses. The teachers on the video are comfortable to watch and understand. There should be an answer key for task 1 so students know if they understand with notation where each example was discussed. Enough with the grammar already.There were many helpful tips in unit 20. The use of warmers (hangman, pictionary,memory games, etc. to get the class ready and engaged. The use of different materials to address varying levels of language ability. I found information on handling large class sizes with the use of handouts and by appointing group leaders. Pair and group word is also a way of engaging larger classes. The use of choral repetition also warms up as well as engages everybody. Keeping a wide selection of activities on hand as well as being prepared to adjust lessons to meet the needs of the students was also stressed.