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A.P. – U.S.A. said:
This unit taught the different types of groups one may encounter during their teaching career. The first group was beginners, their subgroups being the absolute beginner, the false beginner, the adult beginner, the young beginner and the beginner without Roman alphabets. The motivation, problem one might encounter were listed. The next group discussed was the individual students or one on one. In this setting the lesses is less formal and the teacher will have to be the student partner. Then there are the business English group which would be motivated by an impending promotion or being more proficient in their jobs. They maybe more tired and so the lesson would have to suit their individual needs. Following that the Monolingual and multilingual group was discussed. While the multilingual group would make the class more interesting because the students would be from different backgrounds, the main advantage in this setting would be that since they all speak a different language they would be forced to use the English language to communicate. In terms of the monolingual group they would most likely have some of the same difficulties.