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This unit gives you the aids you are able to use as a teacher. All the tools that van be used when planning a lesson, the use of the white bored how it is good for students to see the use of the lanuge as you write, also good to show examples of work to circle and highlight and allow the students to write on it as well. The OHP I used to love when my teacher would use that its great for you to not have your back to the classroom but to also have actives then the students can participate in you are able to show the breakdown of different things because you can add sheets on top of each other and also can right on them accordingly to show mistakes and corrections. The use of cds how students can engage in the prounuation of words to hear them . DVDS are great to engage with the students so they are able to see and hear and use it for interactive activities. The imporantce of worksheets and student books so the students can have as an aid and use for the students to study what they have used and apply it.