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L.G. - Germany said:
I found the phrasals a little difficult to totally wrap my head around, although I teach the relative clause quite extensively to differentiate between the usage of \"who, that and which\", which seems to be confusing for many of my students. They don't tend to think about what is essential and non-essential and how removing the essentials changes the meaning of the sentence. They in depth examination of modals was beneficial. I teach auxiliary verbs quite a bit and the information in this unit definitely helps me to understand them better and I think I will be able to explain them better other than just throwing them on the board and telling the students to memorize them to help them recognize complete sentences in terms of whether the sentence is missing a subject or a verb. The difference in usage for could, would, might, must, and may was insightful, or maybe just something I hadn't thought about much. I find with English speakers so much of this is just overlooked because we just know what to do. To stop and actually think about the reasoning behind the structure and rules, etc. adds to the understanding of English as a whole and in parts.