TESOL Tianshui

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L.H. – Nepal said:
The two video \"lessons\" contrasted the \"do's\" and \"dont's\" of conducting a lesson. The first video showed a teacher who had no idea how to win over students so that effective learning could take place. He showed no empathy for the plight of the bewildered Thai students, constantly telling them that what he was talking about was easy. There had been no introduction explaining modal verbs in theory or practice. He showed little interest in the student's need: he even started to read a book during one of the practical sessions where most of the students were totally at sea. He never smiled nor praised, and his perfunctory closure of the lesson was appalling. In contrast, the second session was conducted by a confident, friendly and engaged language teacher, who had the best interests of the students at heart. He had his own teaching aids which greatly facilitated the students understanding of what exactly was wanted. He mimed actions and kept the classroom atmosphere light and friendly. He constantly praised interaction and made the material interesting for the students.