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H.S. - China said:
An interesting debate is whether starting the engage process with a 'highlight and drill' exercise is better than using 'elicit the grammar structure and writing it on the board'. Which is more effective? This depends on the teacher's knowledge of the level of the students. The less the majority of the students know the more eliciting is needed. It may be possible to combine both methods, since engaging the student by using pronunciation ( in a drill) as a group may bolster their confidence when called on individually to respond. This audio approach also helps them to improve their listening skills. Of course, seeing the proper sentence structure on the board in conjunction with hearing it can only reinforce the new words and concepts much deeper. As the teacher makes available the latest technology like cell phones, ipads, and video monitors to get pictures, news items or definitions more quickly, his lesson plan that includes flexibility will certainly hold the attention and focus of his students more fully and possibly achieve his objectives in a more enjoyable manner!