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R.S. – Ireland said:
Teaching pronunciation and phonology has always been a hard thing for me as I personally have trouble learning such academic theories about my mother tongue. As I previously learnt having learned Chinese before, the position of the tongue and the way the mouth moves when speaking plays a vital role in being able to successfully pronounce a word, and this unit has reinforced that for me. The international phonetic alphabet although I understand its use and benefits, my personal opinion is that it is not 'required' but is more of an extra tool to help those who may better understand how to pronounce words using such a system, but in my eyes it is just another entire system to learn and has the possibility to cause more confusion (perhaps towards writing and spelling english words later on in their learning careers) than understanding, but perhaps this is my biased view as a native english who has never needed or learnt such a system before. So in saying that I will keep an open mind and be willing to learn the system myself to them be able to cater to those students that may require or benefit more from such a system.