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C.C. - U.S. said:
Unit 12 offers a review of productive skills: Speaking and writing. Accuracy and Fluency are the two important aspects involved in the teaching of productive skills. Accuracy aims to produce correct English spelling and language. Fluency allows students to be more expressive, creative and free flowing. For a creative speaking activity the teacher will need to decide what the objectives of the class are. Then, knowing the level the students are at, predict what problems they might encounter. The teacher must make sure to time activities to allow for all students to participate and and be able to provide feedback after the activity. Handwriting skills can prove difficult for students who another alphabet. Handwriting activities are often relegated to homework and therefore are often not done. Spelling can be very important particularly in a business environment, as poor spelling can be viewed as a result of poor education. Creative can help to inspire students to write more and can be more engaging for students. The end of unit deals with the use of games in the teaching environment. Competitive and co-operative games can keep students interest going and get them more excited about the class. A very useful unit for any English teacher.